The Daughter Network (V.1)

The Daughter Network was born December 31, 2003. It took a while to get everything together since I was doing it all on my own. There was a while where I was cranking out a layout a week. I was overjoyed to finally have my own space!
Let DownRocking the Suburbs Have Yourself a Merry...A Girl Like You SouthernplayalisticadillacmuzikMy Deer EmoCentral Park Sheep Go to HeavenSplatter The Battle of Who-Could-Care-LessStuck in the Middle MARTAOrnate Tu Mira

Artistically Inclined

A casual portfolio site. I posted nearly every drawing and design I created here. It got very bulky very quickly.
RufflesPixel Rainbow Fishhead


This was a photography site, and much like Artistically Inclined, I posted way too much stuff and things got a bit unmanageable.
Gray PatternPink MirrorChristopher


A showcase for every single layout I had ever made (that wasn't lost due to me not saving), whether used or not. It later evolved into "Outlet."
Easter BestDMC RGB Art DecoScream

Resident Alien

This was a glorified "About Me" page that I expanded on. It had writing and such.
Many HatsTwo Sides

In Good Taste

An indulgence of my passion for music. (Usually) weekly postings of songs I'm into.
Welcome AboardIn the Woods MarkerBen


Drawing inspiration from fashion bloggers, I put together "Wear-a-Day" to document all my outfits for one month.